Those Wizards

Who are Those Wizards?

A trusted video production agency among performers, companies, and community groups.

We are a collective of specialists hailing from the gaming, film and tech industries with a proven track record in delivering rich media experiences from start to finish.

We are masters of our craft, passionate about what we create and driven to work on the content we love.

Why gaming?

Gaming is entertainment’s largest growing consumer sector, with earnings of $2.95 billion in Australia alone during 2018. It’s a huge industry with a huge audience hungry for quality content.

Many of us began our careers in gaming and have spent that time meeting with industry leaders and creating work for amazing brands we revered in our youth.

We understand what it takes to make content that speaks to a gaming-focussed audience because we are that audience.

Why should you consider live streaming?

Twitch pushes more traffic than Facebook and Twitter, with a retention rate measured in hours rather than minutes.

Twitch consumers trust the platform and find community there, with the top influencers converting sales at a rate far higher than traditional advertising.

They’re a demographic that doesn’t watch TV and blocks advertisements on other web pages. The best way to speak to them is through meaningful connection with the creators and communities they love.

What else can we do?

Our team has decades of experience across photography, traditional production, events management and live streaming.

But we don’t just want to “make content”, we want to produce work that is relevant to you and your audience. Work that will make a lasting impact.

Get in contact using the form below so we can start working our magic for you.

Our Team

Joel Rennie

An Executive Wizard

Ashley Hull

A Technomancer

Tobias Venus

A Directorcerer


A Cinematic Wizard


A Meme Stream Wizard


An Audiomancer


A Creative Wizard

Nick Erickson

A Camera Wizard


A Handsome Wizard

Austin Adamson

The Alchemist




Companies Who Worked With Us