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Gaming Is...

Entertainments largest growing consumer sector, with earnings of $2.95 billion in Australia alone during 2016.

68% of Australians regularly play video games, and gaming facilitates international tournaments through “esports”, which attract millions of spectators as players compete for prize purses as large as $27 million.

We Are...

A trusted live broadcast organisation among performers, companies, and community groups. We are a collection of specialists with a proven track record in delivering rich media experiences.

Twitch can be...

Your gateway to the digital media boom. Twitch pushes more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, at a retention rate measured in hours rather than minutes.

Twitch consumers trust the platform, and top influencers convert sales at a rate far higher than traditional advertising. They’re a demographic that doesn’t watch TV and blocks advertisements on other web pages; the only way to get them is through structured content.

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Those Wizards can…

Provide you with the tools and understanding to succeed on Twitch. We have modular teams of specialists that can adapt to your broadcasts, run or support events, and provide ongoing transparent and forward-thinking analysis after the fact.

Whether you’re looking for an entire production crew or a few extraordinary individuals to complement your team, Those Wizards have the Staff and we’re ready to Cast.

Our Team

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Executive Wizard

Ashley Hull


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Camera Wizard

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