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Gaming Is...

Entertainments largest growing consumer sector, with earnings of $2.95 billion in Australia alone during 2018.

68% of Australians regularly play video games, and gaming facilitates international tournaments through “esports”, which attract millions of spectators as players compete for prize purses as large as $27 million.

We Are...

A trusted broadcast organisation among performers, companies, and community groups.

We are a collection of specialists with a proven track record in delivering rich media experiences.

Twitch can be...

Your gateway to the digital media boom.

Twitch pushes more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, at a retention rate measured in hours rather than minutes.

Twitch consumers trust the platform, and top influencers convert sales at a rate far higher than traditional advertising.

They’re a demographic that doesn’t watch TV and blocks advertisements on other web pages; the only way to get them is through structured content.

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Let’s sit down and find out how we can give you exactly what you want.

Our Team

Joel Rennie

Grand Wizard

Ashley Hull

A Technomancer

AM Kanes

A Creative Wizard


A Producer/Director Wizard

Ben hasic

A Cinematographer Wizard

Aleks Zablotskii

An Audiomancer

Austin Adamson

A Logistics Wizard

Nick Erickson

A Cinematographer Wizard


A Camera Wizard